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By | August 30, 2017

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Unbiased review of Checks Unlimited on YouTube from a happy customer:

Here is my quick synopsis of Steph's impressions:

  • She was impressed that Checks Unlimited is part of the Better Business Bureau and has a high ranking in the BBB.
  • She was impressed with the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Protection offered and ordered it for an extra $5-6.
  • "This company" is the one that you always see the flier for in the weekend newspaper. They always have codes in there. (They are on the website here as well btw: Offers)
  • The offer Steph took is the one where you get 2 boxes of checks and they come with a free transaction register and a code for some free "really really cute," return address sticker labels.
  • She ordered Disney and Star Wars Return of the Jedi because of how great the pictures of R2D2, C-3PO, Princess Leia are. The pictures are so descriptive  of what you really get. These sold her on the Return of the Jedi set vs. The Empire Strikes Back and some other Star Wars sets.
  • She also was attracted to Disney Classics Series 2, which includes the Little Mermaid. She felt they looked "so darn cute." As it turned out, Steph was very pleased with the product received and felt it was as great as advertised.
  • Steph was also impressed with how many different choices she had to choose from. She ordered on her own and loved how it turned out. She was so happy that she just wanted to do a quick review on Checks Unlimited for free!

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