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By | August 22, 2017

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The Sonos Home Sound System fills every room of your home with incredible sound. Our wifi connected speakers let you listen to anything in any room or every room.

All through a single app that controls your entire home listening experience and brings all your music together in one place. You can even tune into your favorite radio station, right from the app.

To get started, plug in a speaker and connect to wifi. The app walks you through the rest and acts as a controller for your whole system. You can stream different songs to speakers in different rooms.

Group a few rooms to play the same song in sync, or play one song throughout your entire home. No matter what you’re looking for, Sonos has a speaker for you.

With Play:1, you can enjoy big sound from a compact speaker. Pair 2 in one room for stereo sound. Or put them in different rooms to cover more ground.

The versatile Play:3 offers high performance, more base and rich stereo sound in a single speaker.

For rooms where music matters most, Play:5 delivers a BIG sound that’s more clear and detailed than anything you’ve heard before.

Mount Playbar on the wall or lay it down flat to unleash your TV sound and all the music you love. Or choose the super thin, surprisingly powerful Playbase. Perfect for unmounted TVs, it blends into your living room.

Sub give you deep, pure bass. And when you put Playbar and Sub in the same room, you get amazing 3.1 home theatre. Then add 2 Play:1s to complete the ultimate 5.1 surround sound system.

Let your vinyl collection loose with Connect. Hook it up to your analog equipment and it can do anything your Sonos speakers can do. Get a Connect Amp to stream music to any wired speaker you already have.

Sonos plays over your home wifi network, not your phone. So you get rock solid wireless performance without drop outs or interruptions from phone calls, texts or push notifications.

All Sonos speakers work together, making it easy to build the system you want. Bring everything you listen to, your music library, streaming services, movies, vinyl and more together in one place.

Because listening to music out loud makes life better. Sonos, The Home Sound System.


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